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Zazzle is a marketplace that sells various kinds of merchandise, such as clothing, mugs, buttons, bags, and a few dozen other items. We create special designs to go on these items, related to languages and language learning. The store is a "print on demand" setup, so they handle all the actual merchandise, orders, and shipping while we get a royalty.

The designs are ours, though, and we are always adding new designs and items to the store. So if you would like to get some neat language related goodies, or just want to help us out financially with our projects, please visit and purchase from the Zazzle store. If you don't see an item you want, or have a suggestion for a design you would like to see available, drop us a line!

You can find the Zazzle store here:

The shop has a wide variety of products. Shirts, mugs, buttons, mouse pads, stickers, pillows, chocolate ... and a whole lot more. Shopping with Zazzle is highly flexible, because you can customize most projects with your own colors while selecting from a variety of styles.
We've also got dozens of designs, some for language in general, like the IPA shirt above, and some for specific languages, like this Polish button. And if you have an idea for something you would like to see in our store, please let us know!
Of course, we also have Parrot Time merchandise too. You can help support us in two ways by buying stuff from here. First, the money goes towards the magazine costs. Second, you are promoting us each time you use, wear, or otherwise enjoy these goodies!

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