The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #31 January / February 2018
At A Glance
by Erik Zidowecki
January / February 2018 | 
Lindsay Does Languages
"Lindsay Does Languages was born in 2012 as a local company in the heart of little old England offering private language tuition. I taught individuals, then groups, then corporate groups, then school groups, until finally, I found my niche teaching online via Skype. Since then, Lindsay Does Languages has evolved to offering coaching packages and online courses both for language learners and online language tutors."

Polyglottando is a blog about languages, multilingual living and cultural diversity and focuses on the ‘minor’ languages. The page offers language learning resources for a variety of these ‘smaller’ and less popular languages, language learning tips as well as interesting articles which explore the culture, customs, traditions and more. Each blog post focuses on a different language.

TimTimTom Bilingual Personalized Books for Kids
TimTimTom books are designed to help children develop their language skills and to fall in love with reading, through beautifully captivating illustrations and engaging stories in which they themselves become the hero of the story. Kids read and learn vocabulary in two languages without noticing.

Specific Language
Viente Mundos
Viente Mundos has loads of articles to read to help you learn Spanish. Each article comes with audio, vocabulary, expressions, grammar and comprehension quizzes. Every 2 weeks they add a new article based on a cultural topic from “Los 20 mundos” (the worlds 20 main Spanish speaking countries)

Hindi Urdu Flagship
Created by the University of Taxis at Austin, the Hindi Urdu Flagship is at the center of efforts to both collect and improve existing resources. All materials are free. As well as the main lessons, there is also a listing of all the audio and video available on the website and our a list of external resources.

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At A Glance
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
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