The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #31 January / February 2018
News Brief
January / February 2018 | 
News Brief
Scriverermo Publishing Expands,
Releases New Series

The mother company of Parrot Time, Scriveremo Publishing, has recently increased its staff with the addition of another language lover.

Siskia Lagomarsino, creator of The Polyglotist, a blog about her experiences learning and teaching and languages, has officially joined the Scriveremo team. Up until this point, she had worked mainly in a consultatory role.

Siskia's creativity and knowledge of several languages have given way to an original series of language teaching books for very young children.

Scriveremo Publishing mainly produces puzzle books for language leaning. They include word searches, word scrambles, and mutiple choice quizzes, in various combinations, formats, and vocabulary themes. There is also a branch of game books for just English speakers, witout another language involved.

The latest series follows in the same venue, with six different kinds of puzzles over several different word themes. These are aimed at the very young (with the help of a parent) and based around the fictional hamster, Awesome Alex, who has a tendency toward adventure, learning, and getting into trouble.

While Awesome Alex is currently only available for fun learning in Spanish, we are assured that the orange and white hamster will be learning / teaching more languages shortly and eventually expanding to other langauge advetures.

Holistic Approach to Language
Learning Gaining Popularity

The holistic approach promoted by Trisha from Language Learners Journal seems to have become a very popular topic within the language learning communities this year. So what exactly is holistic language learning? It is about not just grabbing a grammar book or listening to audio, it’s seeing the bigger picture and looking at learning as a whole and on many different levels. Trisha said “A more holistic approach means taking personal responsibility for your own language learning. You are the expert of you! Use your personal intellect style, preferences, insight, imagination as well as optimizing your environment to make you more successful independent language learning.”

Trisha who has a professional background in psychology and wellbeing believes that in order to be more successful at languages you also have to optimise your brain for learning. You can do this via simple mindfulness techniques, developing soft skills, such as active listening. Good sleep hygiene, improved mood management, aerobic exercise, diet and nutrition. Her award-winning blog has also featured in the local news for her dedication and passion for empowering independent language learners across the globe.

If you would like to know more check out the official page and Facebook Group that offer live support and guidance to language learners with free access to her courses. This is part of her Language Learners Amplified Program to help people learn languages faster and more efficiently.

News Brief
Writer: Erik Zidowecki, Tarja Jolma

All images are Copyright - CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) by their respective owners, except for Petey, which is Public Domain (PD) or unless otherwise noted.


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