The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #30 November / December 2017

Letter From the Editor - Being Special
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Petey: Donut
Building a Language Dream
Writer: Kendal Knetemann
Kendal Knetemann: Knetemans pictures
Petey: Beachside (splash); Coffee; People; Cafe;
Learning Multiple Languages with LingoHut
Writer: Ulrike Rettig
Petey: Cafe; Girls at computers; Groups talking; Switchboard attendent with wall of pics
LingoHut - A Simple And Effective Language Learning Resource
Writer: Olivier Elzingre
Petey: People in library; Classroom
Kendal Knetemann: Woman on Plane; LingoHut screenshot
The Beginning Of A Surprising But Promising Partnership
Writer: Vincent Esnoul
Kendal Knetemann: Man in park; Couple in park;
The Opportunity to Succeed
Writer: John C. Rigdon
Kendal Knetemann: Baby with quote
Review - LingoHut
Writer: Chiara Grandola
The Technical Secrets of LingoHut, Maybe
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Petey: Data tunnel (splash title); Pencil and pad; Lockers; Database; Microphone; Cafeteria wall
Language Puzzles
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
In Focus
Writer: Erik Zidowecki, Kendal Knetemann
All images remain the property of their owners and are used here with permission
Proverbs from the World - Spanish
Writer: Tarja Jolma
Petey: Girl; Frogs; Drop; Latin
• "101 Spanish Idioms. Understanding Spanish Language and Culture Through Popular Phrases." CASSAGNE, J. M., illustrated by L. N. Raidon: Published in 1995, Passport Books, USA
• "El Español, una lengua viva." Instituto Cervantes: Informe 2017. <>
• "Spanish_language" Wikipedia <>
• "Taringa!" <>
Basic Guide to Turkish
Writer: Erik Zidowecki, Kendal Knetemann
Petey: Flag; View of city
At A Glance
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
All screenshots are property of their respective website owners

All images are Copyright - CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) by their respective owners, except for Petey, which is Public Domain (PD) or unless otherwise noted.

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