The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #30 November / December 2017
In Focus
Amsterdam, Netherlands
by Erik Zidowecki, Kendal Knetemann
November / December 2017 | 

Show us where you've been!
These photos are from Kendal Knetmann and show parts of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Crowds wait in Dam Square, Amsterdam, Netherlands, for the arrival of Sinterklaas
Sinterklaas arrives with his helpers, called "Piets" or "Peters"
A young girl watches eagerly. Sinterklaas delivers presents to the children each year
Some Peters, climbing down a row of houses to deliver goodies
Part of the parade after Sinterklaas arrives
A pretend machine on a float in the parade
Sinterklass riding his white horse among the people
Balloons, lights, and music are part of a special event on the canals in Amsterdam. "De magie van de liefde"
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In Focus
Writer: Erik Zidowecki, Kendal Knetemann
All images remain the property of their owners and are used here with permission

All images are Copyright - CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) by their respective owners, except for Petey, which is Public Domain (PD) or unless otherwise noted.


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