The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #29 September / October 2017

Letter From the Editor - Language Confusion
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Petey: Woman with map
News Brief
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Mark Your Calendar
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Stepping Up Your Language
Writer: Jefferson Netto
Jefferson Netto: SULP title; Characters;
Petey: Library; Books;
Montreal LangFest 2017: Another blowout success
Writer: Tetsu Yung
Tetsu Yung: All pictures of the LangFest and people
Petey: Montreal harbor at night
How Can My Study Book Be Monolingual?
Writer: Tarja Jolma
Petey: Confused girl (splash); German books; Kitchen images; Character chart; Students
Boredom And Classroom Students - A Teacher's Perspective
Writer: Olivier Elzingre
Petey: Bored girl (title); Classroom 1; Classroom 2
In Others's Words - Malachi Rempen
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
In Focus
Writer: Erik Zidowecki, Kendal Knetemann
All images remain the property of their owners and are used here with permission
Proverbs from the World - Finnish
Writer: Tarja Jolma
Petey: Girl; Person walking; Sunset
• KUUSI, Matti: Vanhan kansan sananlaskuviisaus. Suomalaisia elämänohjeita, kansanaforismeja, lentäviä lauseita ja kokkapuheita vuosilta 1544–1826, published in 1953, WSOY, Porvoo, Finland
• (Etelä-Suomen Sanomat:)
• (Helsingin kaupunginkirjasto:)
Language Puzzles
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Where Are You?
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Petey: Mystery image
Basic Guide to Dutch
Writer: Erik Zidowecki, Kendal Knetemann
Petey: Flag; View of city
At A Glance
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
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