The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #29 September / October 2017
At A Glance
by Erik Zidowecki
September / October 2017 | 
Language Communities

The Language Rose Learning Club
The Language Rose Learning Club was created with the aim of making Spanish, Italian, and French accessible to everyone and building a community of enganged and motivated learners online, for free.
Spanish, Italian, French

Yask is a community of people from all over the world who are learning languages or who need them in their daily lives. They use their native language skills to help you whenever you need to correct or translate your sentences. In turn, have fun and win by helping them in your own language!


Pasakas Letonika
Folk Tales for children in Latvian language with English and Russian translation + exercises and list of terms used in those tales.

Specific Language

LingU is an online platform to help people improve their Norwegian. You can sign up for online classes or attend in the classrooms of Stavanger and Oslo.

Deutsch im Blick
Free complete German textbook from University of Texas. You can pay a small fee if you prefer a print copy.

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At A Glance
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
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