The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #29 September / October 2017
Mark Your Calendar
by Erik Zidowecki
September / October 2017 | 
Mark Your Calendar
Language Show London

October 13 - 15, 2017
Business Design Centre, London, UK

Language Show is the must-attend event for anyone with a passion for languages.

Attend three inspirational days packed with educational seminars, language classes, live forums and cultural performances in an incredible celebration of languages.

At the show you'll be able to meet thousands of fellow language teachers, learners, linguists, translators, interpreters and job seekers who love languages as much as you.

The event is free to attend!

For more information and registering visit

Polyglot Conference

October 27 – 29, 2017
Reykjavík, Iceland

The 5th annual Polyglot Conference is taking place in Reykjavík, Iceland on 27th-29th October 2017! Whether you're learning your 1st foreign language or your 21st, the Polyglot Conference is open to anyone and everyone who loves languages.

The themes of the conference will celebrate the languages, literatures and cultures of the North, highlight the pressures of globalisation on smaller and indigenous languages, explore the possible relationship between multilingualism and autism, and once again be the platform for all current issues related to polyglottery and multilingualism.

For more information and tickets visit

Expolingua in Berlin

November 17 – 18, 2017
Berlin, Germany

EXPOLINGUA Berlin in the must-attend annual event for anyone with an interest in learning and teaching foreign languages, international travel and global cultures.

150+ exhibitors from more than 30 countries and a programme of workshops, seminars and performances provide you with extensive information on international, local and online language courses, internships abroad, working overseas and general information about travel and cultures.

For more information and free tickets visit

Mark Your Calendar
Writer: Erik Zidowecki

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