The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #28 July / August 2017
At A Glance
by Erik Zidowecki
July / August 2017 | 
General Language

The Mimic Method
The idea behind the mimic method is that you learn the pronunciation first before worrying about grammar or vocabulary. That way, when you start learning then the words will come to you much more easily and you won’t sound so much like a foreigner.


SpanishDict is a dictionary with translation and conjugations easily accessed from the same interface. It’s available on the SpanishDict website or as a phone / table app from the Google and Apple App Stores.


Doorway To Mexico Spanish Podcast
A Latin American Spanish podcast. Intermediate and Advanced conversational Spanish lessons. Learn Spanish listening to real Spanish conversations. Free transcripts and study guide available.

Specific Language

Italiano in Famiglia
Italiano in Famiglia is a fantastic online video series created specifically for foreign language speakers trying to learn italian. The programme itself and website are completely in Italian so you get that sort of immersion feeling but in a much gentler way. There’s also PDF downloads of the dialog and various other resources.

Lingualift is not your average spaced repetition program. LinguaLift leverages a scientifically proven spaced repetition algorithm used by doctors in training at Harvard Medical School to optimize your language acquisition and make sure you never forget. It comes with a 14 day free trial so you can try it to see if it’s for you. The Lingualift courses currently cover Chinese, Japanese, Russian and French.
Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French

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At A Glance
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
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