The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #27 May / June 2017
At the Cinema
by Erik Zidowecki
May / June 2017 | 

2h 34min
Action / Adventure / Romance / Sci-Fi
23 June 2006 (India)

Country: India
Language: Hindi / English / Cantonese / Tamil

The film being reviewed this issue is a sequel to one of my favourite Bollywood films. It is the origin story of a superhero, Krrish.

Sonia Mehra is raising her grandson, Krishna, after his parents died. His father, Rohit, had suffered a trauma as a baby in the womb and had been born with mental disabilities, so it is understandable that Sonia is concerned when Krishna's schoolmaster asks to give him an IQ test. Rather than doing poorly, however, it turns out that the boy is very smart for his age. Abnormally smart.

When the excited schoolmaster wants to celebrate Krishna's genius, Sonia flees with her son into the mountains, to live in a small village, hoping that no one will ever learn of Krishna's special abilities.

Krishna finds himself forced to wear a disguise to save others from a burning tent. His actions get caught on camera, but no one can identify who the mysterious "Krrish" is.

Time goes by, and Krishna's abilities grow as he becomes a man. He can run, jump, climb, and fight beyond normal human capabilities, but does his best to do as his grandmother wants and not reveal his abilities. This comes to an end when he saves a young female skydiver, Priya, and uses his skills to catch and bring her safely down from the top of a tree.

At first, Krishna manages to convince her, along with the help of his friend, that she saw a ghost, but Krishna's playful nature wins out and accidentally reveals himself to her, her friend Honey, and their group of campers. He explains away his powers as "just natural" from growing up in such a wild area.

Sonia and Krishna, at the home in the mountains

Priya and Krishna spend lots of time together, including having Priya meet his grandmother. They are sad to part when the group leaves, but Priya is sure she will always remember the strange and wild young man.

When Priya and Honey return to their lives in Singapore, they are fired from their jobs in a TV network for taking the trip. The girls offer up the knowledge of Krishna's abilities to save their jobs, so they must now bring Krishna to Singapore to be filmed.

To do this, Priya lies to Krishna, telling him in a call that she wants him to come meet her mother so they can be married. An excited and naive Krishna begs Sonia to let him go, but when she refuses, he lashes our at her for being selfish.

Krishna meeting Priya and her friend, Honey

Sonia then explains the full reason for the hiding. She explains how Rohit had been mentally under developed until he and Krishna's mother, Nisha, met a lost alien, whom they named Jadoo. Jadoo gave Rohit not only normal human capabilities, but advanced ones as well, and Krishna's parents helped Jadoo return home.

After that, Rohit helped a scientist, Dr. Siddhant Arya, to build a supercomputer which would be capable of seeing the future. When he switched it on, however, he sees that Arya is going to kill him, so he frantically called Sonia and Nisha, who is giving birth to Krishna, saying that he has been betrayed and exploited for his powers, then he destroyed the computer. When Arya reports Rohit as dead, Nisha cannot handle the news and dies, leaving Sonia to raise Krishna on her own.

Hearing the truth, Krishna forgives Sonia, but still wishes to go to Priya, so he promises he will never reveal his abilities again, and Sonia lets him travel to Singapore.

Krishna learning the truth about his parents

Once there, Honey and Priya add one lie to another as they try to catch Krishna doing something amazing on film, but instead, he uses his abilities to avoid it.

But his promise to Sonia and his need to help people come into conflict when a circus performance they are attending turns into tragedy, and Krishna finds himself forced to wear a disguise to save others from a burning tent. His actions get caught on camera, but no one can identify who the mysterious "Krrish" is. Priya, however, has her suspicions.

Meanwhile, an older man visits Krishna's old schoolmaster, looking for the boy and his grandmother. Does he know about Krishna's powers, and if so, what does he want them for? Krishna also learns that there is a possibility that Rohit may still be alive!

Who is this strange man and what does he want with Krishna?

I was very pleased with this film and felt it had good pacing. It seemed to avoid the normal story elements common in many Bollywood films not just with the superhero aspect but in the way that while Krishna falls easily for Priya (really the first adult female he had close contact with besides his grandmother), Priya does not have the same feelings, and instead has no problem using him for her own gains.

The primary languages used are Hindi, English, Cantonese, and Tamil, so language lovers get a chance to hear all of them. The story of Rohit, Nisha, and Jadoo are shown in the first film, Koi... Mil Gaya, which is an excellent film.

I will admit, Krrish is definitely not for everyone. The superhero aspect can seem odd in a Bollywood production, and some parts near the end get rather strange (including what appear to be ninjas popping up to fight our hero), but it isn't meant to be taken seriously and it does provide you with a good three hours of entertainment.

At The Cinema - Krrish
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
• "Krrish (2006)" Internet Movie Databas <>
All images are copyright Film Kraft

All images are Copyright - CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) by their respective owners, except for Petey, which is Public Domain (PD) or unless otherwise noted.


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