The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #22 July / August 2016
At A Glance
by Erik Zidowecki
July / August 2016 | 
General Language

An awesome site where you can add your own texts and then read them in a pleasant interface where you translate words simply by clicking them. You can translate up to 6 or so words, so you can also translate expressions. It also saves words as flash-cards.

Translators & Dictionaries

EU Tamil - English,German dictionary
EUdict is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken mostly in the European Community. There is one language for each country which is spoken mostly in Europe.

Language Communities
Who doesn't want to once and for all learn – or brush up on – a foreign language? The internet application offers this opportunity to anyone through its playful and fuss-free course system.


how language works
A free online book which is an introductory course in linguistics.

Specific Language

Al Waraq
A website all in Arabic that lets you read books and other literture in Arabic.

Lingua Mongolia
A website that has authentic Mongolian books, grammar and script lessons. Includes links to other resources. One of the best sites for learning Mongolian.

Newspapers & Magazines

Augsburger Allgemeine
The Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper online with news from Augsburg, Bavaria, and the world, sports news, business, political, cultural, images

Dagblad De Limburger
Newspaper offering daily, national, and world news, as well as weather, sports, entertainment, business, and travel coverage.

At A Glance
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
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