The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #22 July / August 2016
Basic Guide to Italian
by Erik Zidowecki
July / August 2016 | 
Basic Guide to
Italian is a Romance language, spoken mostly in Italy. However, we have adopted many Italian words and phrases into English, specifically those related to food and music.

Here are some beginner words and phrases in Italian for a basic introduction to it.

Good morning.Buon giorno.
Good afternoon.Buon pomeriggio.
Good night.Buona notte.
How are you?Come stai?
Fine, thank you.Bene, grazie.
What is your name?Come ti chiami?
My name is ...Mi chiamo ...
Nice to meet you.Piacere di conoscerla.
Please.Per favore.
Thank you.Grazie.
You're welcome.Prego.
I do not understand.Non capisco.
Where is the toilet?Dov'è il bagno?
Excuse me.Mi scusi.
I beg your pardon! Mi dispiace!
I don’t speak Italian.Non parlo italiano.
I speak a little Italian.Parlo un po' d'italiano.
Do you speak English?Parla inglese?
Look out!Attenzione!
Have a nice day.Buona giornata.

Basic Guide to Italian
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Petey: Flag; View of city

All images are Copyright - CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) by their respective owners, except for Petey, which is Public Domain (PD) or unless otherwise noted.


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