The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #21 May / June 2016
Letter From The Editor
A Kind Word
by Erik Zidowecki
May / June 2016 | 

In our modern world of computers and social networks, with each of us trying to have our voices heard while isolating ourselves, it is important to remember how we are all still quite human.

It is easy to forget when we are interacting with names on a screen, explaining how someone you will never meet is wrong because they don't share your opinion, that there actually is a person behind the words.

While we spend our time "liking" and "sharing" the newest funny meme or another (often false) post about a political candidate, we can even forget sometimes that we, too, are individuals with fears and doubts.

In the language community, when people are struggling to master a new language, it is very easy to get into a habit of correcting others. While that is often appreciated, we must also remember to encourage the learner, to let them know how well they are doing (or if they aren't, then diplomatically comment on how they are improving).

We also need to remember to acknowledge the people who are giving back to the community. There are thousands of people who daily pour all their energy, time, and even money into creating resources and events for other language enthusiasts.

While we might be thankful for those people's efforts, we must also let them know that. They might seem to be very confident in what they are doing, they are also probably struggling daily with self-doubt, like others, and wondering if what they are doing is desired, appreciated, or even worth doing at all.

So when we are racing around doing our own things, please remember to give a kind word to those around you. Liking and sharing is fine, but it can never replace the simple expression of "good job" or "thank you".

To all the readers who continue to support Parrot Time, thank you.

Erik Zidowecki

Letter From the Editor
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Petey: Danke

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