The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #17 September / October 2015

Letter From the Editor
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Petey: Book stack
The Cost of Free Language Resources
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
Finger Lakes Community College Modern Languages @ FLCC: Free Internet area; Group of women writing
Petey: Money girl (splash); Students in class; Apps on iPhone; Woman writing; Keyboard and woman writing from above; Woman writing more; Wallet with coins; Man posting advertisement; Materials for learning
Review of Polyglot Workshops: Brazil
Writer: Patrick Lencastre
All images are property of Jimmy Mello and are used here with permission.
Easier Way to Learn Languages Fast
Writer: Teddy Nee
Teddy Lee: Teddy Lee (copyrighted)
Petey: Language clouds
Dream, decide, do - tips from a polyglot
Writer: Ekaterina Matveeva
Ekaterina Matveeva: People in shop (copyrighted)
Petey: Girl reading on grass
• "Dream, decide, do - tips from a polyglot" EuropeOnline <>
At The Cinema - Cambio de Ruta
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
• "Cambio de Ruta" Internet Movie Database <>
All images are copyright Bazooka Films, Salamandra Films, Bazooka Films, Itaca Films
Languages in Peril - Talysh
Writer: Lucille Martin
ArnoldPlaton: Talysh language dialects
Petey: Heiran (title); Talysh people near their house; Dances of Talysh people in Iran
• "Talysh language" Wikipedia <>
• "Talysh people" Wikipedia <>
Where Are You?
Writer: Sonja Krüger
Petey: Mystery image
App Review
Writer: Brian Powers
All images are property of Tandem
Book Look
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
At A Glance
Writer: Erik Zidowecki
All screenshots are property of their respective website owners

All images are Copyright - CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) by their respective owners, except for Petey, which is Public Domain (PD) or unless otherwise noted.

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