The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #17 September / October 2015
Where Are You?
by Sonja Krüger
September / October 2015 | 

This city is both the capital and largest city of its South American country. It was founded over 460 years ago, and was the capital even then. The city takes its name comes from a biblical saint.

The first settlers in the basin where the city resides were mainly nomadic hunter-gatherers. The villages came under control of the Inca Empire.

Conquistadors from Peru reached the valley in 1540 and met the current indigenous people. A meeting was held between the groups in which a plan to establish a city on behalf of Spain was introduced. The native Indians accepted, and the next year, the city was officially founded.

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the city was the victim of seveal natural disasters, including earthquakes, a smallpox epidemic, and the flooding of the major river. In 1810, the city saw the beginning of establishing the country's independence from Spain.

By the end of the 20th century, the population grew beyond four million and the real estate market was booming. It now has the tallest building in Latin America along with several major universities and a modern transportation infrastructure, including South America's most extensive subway system.

Can you name this city and country?

Last month's answer: Taipei, Taiwan

Where Are You?
Writer: Sonja Krüger
Petey: Mystery image

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