The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #17 September / October 2015
Dream, decide, do - tips from a polyglot
by Ekaterina Matveeva
September / October 2015 | 

There are lots of tips on how to learn a language, I've come to my scheme, and I'll share bits of it with you.

Dream, decide, do! - this old formula works for success, why not to apply it to our language learning success?

- dream about what you really want, what makes you wake up every morning and be passionate to conquer the world
- link this dream to a language of your choice. Imagine this language as a tool to achieve your dreams
- practice positive thinking coming back to your dream while learning
- work with your imagination that later on will help you to create vivid stories with fresh vocabulary
- get inspiration from people you meet: e.g. try to compose poems in a new language

- once got a motivation, you must find your learning regime
- identify your milestones and concrete goals within a time framework
- share with your supportive friends your decision
- choose an approach/system/book which will be your guide

- breathe and let yourself speak from day one
- get a habit of learning a little everyday - set up an alarm
- pick up phrases in the context watching your favourite movies
- first learn phrases with the form "I" like "I do" not "to do"
- go with the flow, learn phrases that come to your mind naturally, not what is written in books
- pick up basic grammar and keep practicing
- change language settings of your phone and social networks
- start writing your to-do-list in a new language
- keep your diary with your thoughts in a new language
- find a buddy with whom you can practice
- use schemes and mind-maps to store more vocabulary
- sign up for traditional craft/dance/martial arts of a chosen language - get absorbed by cultural beauty
- sing in this language to catch the phonetics
- go to the country of the chosen language - get out of your comfort zone!

Fall in love and make mistakes! - this will transform your world!

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Ekaterina Matveeva is the CEO of EuropeOnline, a polyglot with 8 spoken languages and another dozen comprehended, and a first Russian memory sportsman. After 7 years of studying and travelling she has gotten multiple MA in linguistics, cross-cultural communication, education, cultural socioanthdopology. Fulfilling her dream, Ekaterina launched her language school Europeonline, enabling people to speak a language they want from day one, using a blended approach and cutting-edge techniques. Visit her at or on Facebook at

Dream, decide, do - tips from a polyglot
Writer: Ekaterina Matveeva
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Petey: Girl reading on grass
• "Dream, decide, do - tips from a polyglot" EuropeOnline <>

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