The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #16 July / August 2015
Where Are You?
by Sonja Krüger
July / August 2015 | 

This capital city is the economic, political, educational, and cultural center of its country. It sits in an ancient lake bed which is bordered on two sides by narrow river valleys. It is also part of the 40th most populous urban areas in the world.

Historically, the region was home to tribes of indigenous people called Ketagalan tribes before the eighteenth century. After that, settlers from another province moved in after the government of a dynasty gave them permission to develop the area. It was made the temporary capital for the province in 1886 and later made a formal provincial capital in 1896.

After the First Sino-Japanese War, the state was made a colony of Imperial Japan with this city as the capial. During that time, an extensive project was undertaken to build up the infrastructure, including railroads.

When the Republic of China took over in 1945 after the Japanese surrender of the Second World War, it went on to become its provisional capital. The city expanded greatly in the following decades and was declared in 1967 as a special centrally administered municipality.It was given the administrative status of a province and expanded even further, annexing several neighbouring cities, eventually bringing the population to over 1.5 million.

Today, it remains one of the world's most densely populated urban areas, and received over 6 million visitors a year, making it 15th most visited city in the world.

Can you name this city and country?

Last month's answer: Vienna, Austria

Where Are You?
Writer: Sonja Krüger
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