The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #11 September / October 2014
Basic Guide to Faroese
by Erik Zidowecki, Miranda Metheny, Uni Johannesen, Johan Petur Dam
September / October 2014 | 
Basic Guide to
Faroese is a very cool language.
Make sure you don't miss out on its coolness.
We are presenting a list of simple words and phrases in Faroese to help you show your coolness.

Good morning.Góðan morgun.(go-wan mor-gun)
Good day.Góðan dag(in).(go-wan dya-(in))
Good evening.Gott kvøld.(gott kvuhld)
Good night.Góða nátt.(go-wa nawt)
How are you?Hvussu gongur?(kvuss-u gong-ur)
Fine, thank you.Væl, takk.(Ve-al, tahk)
What is your name?Hvussu eita tygum?(kvuss-u oyt-a tee-yoon?)
What is your name?Hvussu eitur tú?(kvuss-u oyt-ur tew?)
My name is ______ .Eg eiti ______ .(ey oyt-i _____ .)
Nice to meet you.Stuttligt at hitta teg.(stut-leegt at heett-a teyh)
Thank you.Takk fyri.(takk fee-rih)
You're welcome.Einki at takka fyri.(oyn-chih at takka fi-ree)
I don't understand.Eg skilji ikki.(ey shil-yi ich-e)
Where is the toilet?Hvar er vesið?(kvar er ve-see?)
Excuse me. (getting attention)Orsaka.(or-sha-ka)
Excuse me. (begging pardon)Umskylda.(um-shil-da)
I can't speak Faroese [well].Eg dugi ikki [so væl] at tosa føroyskt.(ey doo-ih ih-chih [soh vell] at toh-suh fur-ist)
Do you speak English?Dugir tú eingilskt?(doo-urr too oyn-jillst?)
Is there someone here who speaks English?Dugir nakar her eingilskt?(doo-urr nak-ar hair oyn-jillst?)
Look out!Ansa tær!(an-sa te-ar!)
This is a really nice magazine.Hetta er eitt ordiliga gott blað.(hett-ah air oytt ord-ill-lee-yuh gott blaah.)
You should tell all your friends about it.Tú skuldi sagt øllum vinunum frá tí.(too skull-dih sagt udd-lunn vee-nuh-nunn fraw tui)

Basic Guide to Faroese
Writer: Erik Zidowecki, Miranda Metheny, Uni Johannesen, Johan Petur Dam

Miranda Metheny retains all copyright control over her images. They are used in Parrot Time with her expressed permission.

All images are Copyright - CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) by their respective owners, except for Petey, which is Public Domain (PD) or unless otherwise noted.


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