The Thinking of Speaking
Issue #1 January / February 2013
Letter From The Editor
A New Parrot Time
January / February 2013 | 

Welcome to the first issue of the new magazine, Parrot Time.

Most people are attracted to languages for at least one of three reasons. They might be interested in the science behind them - the rules, the reasons one language evolves differently from another, the patterns they can see spanning multiple languages, and the theories of how the languages are united or divided. They might be interested in the culture of another country - the traditions, foods, ways of viewing the world, and the way that language is the doorway into all of those as well as being reflected in them. They might be interested in the pure connection with the language itself - its sounds, rhythms, the way they touch the soul in a way nothing else can.

Any one of those reasons would and do provide enough material to fill dozens if not hundreds of magazines with thousands of articles. Parrot Time can not possibly begin to cover that vast expanse of knowledge, nor does it strive to do so. What it does hope to achieve is to bring a level of awareness and interest in various aspects of those areas of languages, linguistics and culture. To that end, we will look at artifacts that have significant language influence or intrigue. A perfect example of one is the Rosetta Stone, which provided the key to unlocking the ancient hieroglyphics. We will look at famous linguists in both their personal lives and their contributions to the study of languages. We begin with Ferdinand de Saussure and his theories of structuralism and semiology. We will look at languages that are in danger of becoming extinct, like three members of the Finno-Ugrics: Veps, Nenets and Komi. We will look at celebrations from around the world, featuring Mexico's Day of the Dead in this first issue. We will discuss the varied methods that learners employ to reach their language goals. We will discuss all these and more.

Finally, Parrot Time is the magazine for the Parleremo language community. It will cover the happenings of those members, the expansion of the website, and the reasons certain things are the way they are. In this issue, we will be looking at three Russian literary giants who have streets named after them in the Russian quarter. We hope you will join us on this journey and in this community. And we hope you will expand your thinking with this new Parrot Time.

Erik Zidowecki


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